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#36 - Chromebook: How to Change Your Time

Hi ya!

You recently bought your Chromebook and you want to change the time on it.
But you don’t know how.
This blog post will explain how to change the time on your Chromebook!

The first thing you should know!
You can’t just change the time any old way you want to,  like the way you can on Windows machines.
There’s only two ways at the moment to change the time on the device:
  1. Change the timezone
  2. Use the 24-hour clock

Where in settings do I change the time?
Follow me:
  • Type in the omnibox: chrome://settings
  • Scroll down until you see Show Advanced Settings
  • Click on that. And BAM! There’s the date and time!

Change the timezone
Let’s say you live in Chicago and want to change the timezone.
Once you go through the steps on how to find the way to change your time in settings, click on the drop box near Timezone and select Chicago. Or wherever you live.
Screenshot 2015-01-17 at 10.png

Use the 24-Hour Clock
If you don’t want to change the time by using the timezone feature, then you can use the 24-hour clock.
All you have to do is click on the 24-hour box right under Timezone.
Learn more about what the 24-Hour clock is.
And that is how you change the time on your Chromebook.
If you have a suggestion to improve the time settings on Chromebooks, you can report feedback.

As a side note

Sometimes, you may have to force units that are behind institutional servers, and are incorrect.
You can do that via CrOSH (ctrl + alt + t):
Type in set_time [<time string>]
That sets the system time if the system has been unable to get it from the network.
To Summarize:
  • At the moment, there’s only two ways to change the time on your Chromebook:
  1. Timezone
  2. Use the 24-Hour Clock
  • If you want to use the Timezone option, then find the timezone according to where you live.
  • If you want to use the 24-Hour Clock, just click the button next to Use 24-Hour Clock.


For more information, check Google’s help center!
Talk to Chromebook users just like you!

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