Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#19 Chromebook - How to report Feedback

Hi ya!

Google is always trying to improve their products, and reporting feedback by suggesting ideas, reporting bugs, etc., will help them out a lot!

Let’s get started!

The easiest way to report feedback, is to use the keyboard shortcut: Alt + Shift + i. That’ll bring up a popup for you to report what you wish.

There are other ways to report feedback, and I could share them but I feel like you should do some experimenting--who knows, you may find them (really, they aren’t that hard)!

And, that’s basically how you report feedback!

To Summarize:
  • To report feedback, use the keyboard shortcut: Alt + Shift + i

  • Me just experimenting.

For more information, check Google’s help center
Talk to live Chromebook users!

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