Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#76 Inbox - Signatures

Hi ya!

It has happened! Signatures have arrived for Google’s product, Inbox!
However, if you have a Send as account, then Signatures won't work. And, signatures on Inbox don't sync across devices.

Managing Signatures in Inbox [Text version]
  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click the three horizontal line menu bar on the top left of the webpage.
  3. Scroll all the way down on the menu ‘til you see Settings.
  4. Click Settings > a popup appears. Click the category, Signature.
  5. From there, there is a button for you to click. It is the On & Off button. To explain what the button does, if it is On, then that means you have signatures enabled. If the button is Off, that means that signatures is disabled.
  6. Write your signature. Right now, you can’t add images, special font, etc. Just something simple. Your signature on Inbox and Gmail are different. The one on Gmail won’t carry over to Inbox.
  7. Once you’ve written your signature, click Done.
And that is how you work your signature in Inbox!

Managing Signatures in Inbox [Image version]
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  2. Capture 1.PNG
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  4. Capture 3.PNG
  5. Capture 4.PNG
  6. Capture 5.PNG

And that is how you manage your signatures in Inbox!

For further reference:

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out the Google Help Center.
If you have a specific question that the Help Center doesn’t cover, then you can ask your question on the Google Product Forum.

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