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#3 Chromebooks - Fixes for common errors.

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So, this blog is going to be talking about how to fix common issues with your Chromebook! Whether it be keyboard issues, browser hijack issues, or seeing error messages, the below should fix most of them!

Before we get into things, I want to warn you that the tips you're about to see will fix most issues. However, there are some cases where that’s not true, especially if it’s a hardware issue.
Keep reading to see what to do!

Now, let’s get started!

We're going to start with the basics and work our way to the advanced solutions!

  • Keep your Chrome version up-to-date.
Make sure that your version iscurrent.To check, type in the URL: chrome://help
See the picture for additional help.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 at 8.36.33 PM.png

  • Guest Mode.
Sometimes, the problem is really simple. It could be extensions causing it.
The easiest way to test is to browse in Guest Mode.
To use Guest Mode, sign out of your Chromebook and on the lower left corner, select "Browse as Guest".
And, if the issue does not come up in Guest Mode, then sign back in, and go to your extensions (chrome://extensions) and disable all and re-enable each one slowly until you find the culprit.
If you can't get rid of the extension, then the problem is most likely sync - which I talk about later on.

  • Reset browser settings.
To reset browser settings, enter the URL, chrome://settings-frame/resetProfileSettings
Or, go to settings (chrome://settings) and hit “Advanced Settings.” At the bottom of the page, it says “Reset Settings.”

  • Hard Reset.
Then, if that does not work, Hard Reset.
If your Chromebook isn’t any of the below, push and PB053541.jpg:

  1. LG Chromebase
  2. ASUS Chromebox
  3. Acer AC700
  4. Cr-48
  5. Samsung Series 5
  6. Samsung Series 5 550
  7. Samsung Chromebox.
If your Chromebook is any of the noted 7 above, see here: Perform a hard reset.

  • Powerwashing.
To powerwash, go to settings (chrome://settings) and hit “Advanced Settings” and at the bottom of the page, it says “Powerwash.” Alternatively, you could type in the URL: chrome://settings-frame/factoryResetData.

Now, before you powerwash, you must know what powerwashing means:
If you powerwash, all your data on the Chromebook will be lost.
So, if you have any files saved in the files app, you will lose them. Best thing to do is transfer them to Google Drive or any other storage provider you have.

  • Clearing your Sync.
Sometimes, you have more than one device. So, if you’ve done all the above and still don’t have the issue fixed, then it could be sync.
If you have your Google account that’s on your Chromebook connected to another device, no matter what you do, the problem will always come back. Because of sync.
Here’s how to clear sync:
    Go to your sync settings. At the bottom of the page, it says “Stop and Clear.” Click that. That should stop the syncing.

  • USB Restore.
So after you’ve done all those steps stated above, and the issue is still not resolved, you need to perform a USB Restore.
Please note that if you do a USB Restore, all your data on your Chromebook will be lost--for the Chromebook will be reset as brand new.

First off, you’ll need this app. Follow the instructions provided by it.
PS: I’d recommend not using a Sandisk Flash Drive--they don’t seem to work well with Chromebooks when doing a USB Restore.
And that should clear up any mess that is on your Chromebook!
….However, if the USB Restore does not work, then you must contact a Chromebook agent. The agent will  straighten things out!

Now, if you have a hardware issue, the best thing to do is to try all the above, and if that does not work, then return the Chromebook where you bought it and/or contact a Chromebook agent.

To sum up…
For common System issues:
If it’s a Hardware issue:
  • Return your Chromebook and/or contact a Chromebook agent.

For further help, visit Chromebook Central Forum and Google Help Page.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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