Monday, June 22, 2015

#81 - I need your help!

Hi ya!

Just recently, I changed the way I wrote up my blog.
Before, I would write a blog post like this:

Editing your Blog Title
  • Go to your Blog Dashboard
  • Click on the More options drop-box > select Settings
    Screenshot 2015-05-16 at 2.33.48 PM.png
  • On the settings page, find Title > click Edit
    Screenshot 2015-05-16 at 2.34.56 PM.png
  • Change the name of your blog post > click Save changes

Taken from the blog post: Editing your Blog Title

Or, do you like you my blog laid out like this:

Managing Signatures in Inbox [Text version]
  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click the three horizontal line menu bar on the top left of the webpage.
  3. Scroll all the way down on the menu ‘til you see Settings.
  4. Click Settings > a popup appears. Click the category, Signature.
  5. From there, there is a button for you to click. It is the On & Off button. To explain what the button does, if it is On, then that means you have signatures enabled. If the button is Off, that means that signatures is disabled.
  6. Write your signature. Right now, you can’t add images, special font, etc. Just something simple. Your signature on Inbox and Gmail are different. The one on Gmail won’t carry over to Inbox.
  7. Once you’ve written your signature, click Done.

There is a Image version and Video version as soon as I can figure out how to screen capture the way I want to.

Taken from the blog post: Signatures

My question is which blog text layout do you like better? I really need thoughts, opinions, etc.