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#10 Chrome - How to Uninstall an Extension.

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You may have visited the Chrome WebStore before to get an app or extension.

Let’s just say that you get an extension. Then, you realize that you don’t like and want to remove it. But how?

Sometimes extensions can carry malware. And that malware may try to prevent you from uninstalling it. But, we won’t get into that. That’s a blog post for another day!

To uninstall an extension, there’s two ways to the extension page that I know of.

Type in the Omnibox, chrome://extensions, and you should be brought to a page that shows all the extensions you’ve installed.
Search for the extension that you desire to remove and click the trashcan next to Enabled.
Lastly, click “Remove.”
Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 11.50.50 PM.png
Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 11.51.20 PM.png

Click the three horizontal line bar at the top right of your page that looks like this
“Hover” on More Tools and select Extensions.
Then, from there, just follow the steps noted above to delete it.

And that is basically it!

  • After you type in the Omnibox, chrome://extension, select the extension you want to remove and click the trashcan icon, then click “Remove.”
  • Click the three horizontal line bar, hover/click “More Tools,” and select “Extensions.” Then, just follow the steps above for the part to delete it.

As a side note:

In the Chrome Webstore, there's this extension that you can install that will manage all your extensions. It's called "Extensity".


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